Not every bride-to-be wants to celebrate her big day with spa treatments and afternoon tea. Some might want to polish up their moves in a themed dance class, whereas others might want to get out in the great outdoors for a challenging obstacle course. Either way, at HenQueens, we have a whole host of unusual hen party ideas and activities for those brides looking for something different. We’ve even rounded up our favourites below…

  1. Life Drawing

Okay, so a naked man at a hen party is hardly breaking news. But what about if we asked you to draw said naked man? Life Drawing is a hilariously classy hen party event that can be arranged in a venue of your choice, or even back at your hen party house. During the session, your man will get into a few different positions as you sketch away, and your bride may even be invited up for the last pose. It doesn’t matter if you suck at drawing either as this class is less about being arty and more about the party.

  1. Belly Dancing 

Connect all your hens through the power of dance in this seriously fun hen party activity. Not only will you learn some of the most impressive belly dancing moves but you’ll also get to put on some seriously sparkly outfits. It’s a guaranteed laugh and you may even get some moves for the big day. 

  1. Body Painting Workshop

Creative workshops are popular with hen parties of all ages, but have you considered body painting? You’ll learn how to create floral paintings, complete with glitter, gems and more. Instead of working your magic on paper though, you’ll be painting your best mates! This is a great choice if you’ve got a festival-themed do or a night at home indulging in good food and even better laughs. 

  1. Disco Yoga

Hens, you haven’t tried yoga until you’ve experienced a Disco Yoga class. Because why shouldn’t we combine two of our favourite things? Bend, stretch and get into your zen whilst some of the best tunes play out. Oh, and did we mention, 80s outfits are a must!

  1. Cheese tasting

Sure, posh dinners and wine tasting might be a traditional hen party activity but we think cheese tasting deserves more credit! Led by an expert (who doesn’t love a cheese expert?!), you’ll discover a whole range of different delicacies, how they’re made, what they pair well with, and you’ll even get to try them with an assortment of crackers and chutneys. Ladies, this certainly calls for wine…

  1. Countryside Games

This is one unique hen do idea that you certainly won’t forget. Leave your heels at home and instead pop on your comfiest pair of trainers as you head outdoors for an afternoon of games, frolics and a little competition. Featuring a total of nine hen party games, Countryside Games guarantees a good time and a fun-filled day for all ages. 

  1. Carboot Disco Bingo 

For the ultimate hen night, it’s got to be Carboot Disco Bingo, which combines disco dancing to the likes of the Spice Girls, bingo games and prizes that have come from the carboot. Get your boogie shoes on and say hello to one of the most unusual hen party activities around. 

If you’re looking to plan the perfect hen party or hen weekend, why not let us help? As well as these unusual hen party ideas, we also have a range of others such as yoga retreats, cookery classes, creative workshops and more. Plus, we can help to arrange hen parties in London, Bristol, Manchester, and Liverpool to name a few.  

So, what are you waiting for? Start party planning today and get in touch with our team of experts.