Planning a hen party can be hard. After all, there’s just so much choice. But as the Best Luxury Hen Party Agency in 2022, we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to perfect hen party ideas. So, for that reason, here we’re outlining our dream weekend to help with your party planning. And remember, if you want us to take care of booking any accommodation or activities, we can do that too. 

Friday AM

While this will depend on where you’re going, we always recommend our hens to leave the car at home and instead get a plane or train to your destination. That way, you can use the travel time to play some perfect hen party games and enjoy some cocktail cans. Even if you don’t want to start early, or perhaps you don’t even drink, it will still allow you to relax and enjoy some time with your besties. 

Meet early on the day, hand out the itinerary and don’t forget to give your bride-to-be some hen party accessories. We’re thinking a veil, tiara, sash and maybe even a prosecco glass on beads around her neck… 

Friday midday

Upon arrival, send your bride to the nearest bar or cafe while you decorate your chosen hen party house. After the big reveal (don’t forget to snap away as she enters), there’s no time like the present so it’s off for the first hen party activity. Remember, there might be a few of you that don’t know each other that well so consider an activity that will loosen you all up. Something like cocktail making always goes down a treat… 

With the atmosphere started, it’s time to fill up on some delicious food. Now, you could book somewhere fancy but there’s a reason that bottomless brunch is one of our bestsellers! Indulge in three courses, unlimited fizz and plenty of fun, before heading back to your accommodation to get ready for the night. 

Friday PM

It’s time to get ready for a night out, hen party style. And, if you want to make it truly special then why not arrange for a hair and make-up artist to come to you? Don’t forget to put a banging playlist on, snap away for the gram and keep everyone’s glasses topped up. Depending on your group size, we always recommend booking a table at a club in advance – and of course, it goes without saying that a drinks package is a must!

Saturday AM

Sore heads? Damaged dignity? There’s no better way to kickstart your hen weekend morning than with our best-selling yoga and brunch. After an hour of bending and stretching, you’ll enjoy feasting on platters of meats, hams, cheese and the good old stuff: fizz. Trust us when we say a hair of the dog actually works!

Then it’s time to explore your nearby location. If you’re in the city, head into the area’s shopping district and treat yourself to something new. Or, if you’ve chosen a countryside hen do, put on your walking boots and blow away the cobwebs with a brisk hike. Whatever your location, stopping for lunch should definitely be on the agenda.

Saturday midday

It’s nice to go home with something memorable from the weekend and, by that, we don’t mean the waiter’s number. Instead, consider booking one of our crafty workshops. From flower crown making to tote bag creating, they’re a great way to get all the girls together and you’ll be out of the pub for at least a few hours. 

Or, if your hangover is really bad, a day at one of the nearby spas won’t disappoint. Breathe away any stresses during a facial, put the world right in the hot tub and don’t forget to order a bottle of fizz. Remember what we said about a hair of the dog… 

Saturday PM

You’ve gone to all that trouble booking your hen party accommodation so why not make the most of it with a night in? Of course, we don’t mean a night in where lights are out by 10! Instead, invite a private chef over, host your very own party with a private DJ and have a night in hen party style. Make your own cocktails, play a few hen party games and when it’s time to go to bed, you don’t have far to go… 

Sunday AM

Of course, the hen party isn’t over until you fall through your front door and aim straight for bed. Spend your last few hours together with a debrief over breakfast, do some sheet masks as you enjoy a coffee and don’t forget to share your pictures and send some to us so we can share on social media!

You see, a perfect hen party like this could actually be your reality and we can arrange the whole thing – including some luxury accommodation to really put the cherry on top. So, whether you’re looking for a celebration in the UK or abroad, and whether you want to arrange something like the above or have your own ideas, get in touch with our team and we promise to help you to plan something unforgettable.