We all know hen party games can get a bit out of hand – after all, not everyone wants to find out about the bride-to-be’s sex life during a game of truth or dare. So, instead, we’ve put together a list of fun hen party games that are sure to be a hit with everyone – and don’t worry, pass the parcel and pinning the tail on the donkey don’t feature anywhere.

What’s more, many of them can even be played in your very own hen party house. And, if you’re in search of the perfect accommodation, you’ll be pleased to know that we have hen party houses of all shapes and sizes – some even include hot tubs and fire pits, or games rooms and bars. So, without further ado, here are some games to play on your hen weekend. 

How well do you know the bride 

This one is easy to play and guaranteed to get everyone smiling. Someone who knows the bride-to-be very well creates a list of questions relating to the bride – or they can create a list of questions and ask the bride to answer them in advance. 

At the hen party, the bride-to-be reads out the questions as everyone else notes down their answers. The bride can then read out the questions again and get everyone to shout out – this way causes more laughter. Or, the hen party guests can mark each other’s answers. 

Count up the scores and see which hen knows the bride-to-be the best! If you want to make it boozy, then consider enforcing a shot for each wrong answer.

Scavenger hunt 

All you need for this one is a house and some thinking time to get it planned. Write down a list of items for people to find on the scavenger hunt (you could make and print these in advance) – and you can make them as rude or as tame as you want. Then, give the piece of paper out to everyone, start the clock and send them off to find the things – the quickest person, or team, wins! 

To make it more exciting, you could even request that the hens need to get a picture of themselves with something in the local area or even find ‘the road sign next to the bus stop’ so they have to leave the house to complete the challenge. Of course, drinking forfeits for the losers is a must. 

Mr and Mrs 

Mr and Mrs can be a great giggle – and can also involve making the bride do some shots for a forfeit. You do need a bit of input from the groom for this one, but you can get that prepared in advance. Select around 10-20 questions about the bride and groom (this website has some you can use – or you can make your own up). Ask the groom to answer your selected questions (but don’t let the bride see). 

At the hen party, ask the bride the questions – if she gets the answer wrong, she has to do a forfeit – so make sure the shot glass is ready! 

Do an escape room

Ok this isn’t really a hen party game as such – as you do need to leave the house to do it. But, at least it does take the pressure off whoever is organising the celebration. What’s more, we’ve got escape rooms in most locations around the UK – sure to be great for breaking the ice as well as a good giggle!

Prosecco pong

Forget beer pong. This is prosecco pong. All you need is some plastic cups; some ping pong balls; and a large table (you can even order kits online – although be warned the table isn’t included!). Lay the cups out at either end, and fill with prosecco, then split the hens into 2 teams. Each team takes turns at throwing the ball at the other team’s cups, and if the ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must down the prosecco.  It’s sure to be a bit messy, but will get everyone a bit tipsy!

You will need a fairly large table for this – but don’t worry, all our hen houses are pretty equipped for hen do games like this!

Assault course

Not quite a game as such, but it is sure to be a laugh. All you need is some good-sized grounds where you can run around. Set up a few stations with instructions such as ‘10 star jumps’, ‘climb under the table’, ‘jump over the chair’, and maybe even ‘shot the alcohol’ – then get going!

An assault course is fun whether you’re drunk, or recovering from a hangover, and is sure to get the endorphins flowing. Many of our hen houses even have grounds big enough for them, and some have hot tubs you can rest in afterwards!

Never have I ever 

This one is simple and doesn’t require much equipment – just a drink in each person’s hand. You simply read out the questions (or take turns to make them up as you go along) and if you haven‘t done what the question asks then you drink up! For example, if the question was “Never have I ever been on a blind date” then you’d drink up if you haven’t been on a blind date. 

Looking for more classy hen party games? Perhaps you want to arrange extra fun games and activities that the whole group will love? At HenQueens, we’ve helped to arrange hundreds of celebrations for brides all over the UK, so why not get in touch to see how we could help you?