Last week, I had the honour of being a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding at Middle Aston House. Katie and I went to Dartington College of Arts together in 2002, where she studied drama and I studied music. We’ve been through so much together so when she asked me if I would be one of her bridesmaids, I jumped at the chance. And what an incredible experience it was… So many of the hens that get in touch with me describe their relationship with the bride-to-be like having a sister. This is exactly how I feel about Katie. For this reason, I knew that I just had to give her the best day and celebration of her life. Of course, there’s also the fact that I’m a hen party organiser by day! Anyway, here are my three biggest tips for being a bridesmaid…

  1. Choose suppliers that you trust

This one might sound obvious but so many people book things without doing research into the company, or building a relationship up beforehand. As a small business owner, I’m already aware of the importance of knowing – and being able to trust – everyone that I work with. And, as a bridesmaid, I was determined to take the same approach.

Our hair was styled by the fabulous Evri One Salon and our make up was done by Samantha Robinson. Our amazing photographs were taken by the talented, Amy Bird too. Not only did they do a fabulous job of making us feel beautiful – and putting us at ease – but it really felt like they were part of the day. By getting to know them beforehand, and building a relationship, we knew that our suppliers were incredibly invested in the celebration and that we could trust them. I highly recommend them!

  1. Talk to people 

Whether it’s members of the wedding party, suppliers or the venue managers, get to know everyone. I found it really enjoyable and we may just have some more amazing hen party suppliers for HenQueens. It also meant that Katie wasn’t being questioned about minor things and I could act as a middleman.

When people are talking, they’re usually having fun too. Katie was able to relax, with extra peace of mind that suppliers were being communicated with and everyone else was okay too. 

  1. Remember to have fun 

Weddings are super emotional and the day itself can fly away. While your bride is probably going to be working the room, it’s important that you get some time to celebrate with her. It was an absolute privilege to be Katie’s bridesmaid. She’s been such a supportive friend and I was honoured to be part of her big day. 

A quick dance here, a cuddle there – whenever I could, I made sure to catch up with Katie and, most importantly, have fun with her!

It was fantastic to be on the other side of the fence for once. But now, I’m back behind the HenQueens computer helping to arrange exciting hen weekend packages and hen activities all over the UK. So if you’re in charge of hen party planning and want some help with hen do ideas, why not get in touch?