In 2020 being environmentally conscious is definitely a necessity. You can’t go online or switch on the television without seeing news about our very real climate crisis. It’s incredibly apparent that the planet is in trouble, and that we all have a part to play in improving our situation. We’ve seen people take the lead in spreading this message, in particular Greta Thunberg who is now a household name and is due to arrive in Bristol tomorrow, Friday 28th March 2020! Bristol seems to be becoming one of the more environmentally conscious cities in the UK, and we are delighted to be hosting Greta! With this all in mind we are coming to you today with a blog focusing on tips for having an environmentally friendly hen do!

If you’re here then we’re guessing you are based in the UK in which case you’re looking in the right place! The most environmentally conscious choice for a hen do is choosing a location in the UK (i.e. no need for a flight abroad!) and, even better, one which is well serviced by a train station and bus routes (i.e. no need to only drive emission pumping cars!)… like Bristol 😉! You can then enjoy your hen do without leaving a carbon footprint!

Our next tip is about decorations and games – so many hen do decorations and activities are or include single use plastic which is not a friend of our planet… so ditch the plastic sashes and tacky activities and consider something which is fun, creative AND environmentally friendly like our DIY sash or knicker decorating workshops? Or perhaps print your own tote bags which you can then re-use on your next shopping trip? Here at HenQueens we’re trying to help end the use of those single use plastic bags! Also all of our suppliers have been personally vetted by us and ALL of them are small, local businesses which is also a good thing to support!

Last but not least Bristol has some fantastic dining options. We can organise cookery classes if your gang would like to cook up their own feast! Or we can help choose a spot to eat out at – Bristol is full of fantastic vegan and vegetarian options (one of the reasons we think Bristol is becoming one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the UK!).

Get in touch with us today to plan your eco-friendly hen do!