An old-school sports day hen party

What to expect

Fun, energising and a little bit competitive, these sports day games are sure to bring out the team spirit in your group. Including classic activities such as Rollerball, Hula Hoop Relay and good, old fashioned Welly Wanging, you will have to compete against the other teams in your group to be crowned the overall champions – whilst wearing your funniest fancy dress, obvs!

But don’t even think about cheating. Your referee will be on hand throughout the whole event, making sure you’re getting the most from your experience… and also to make sure there is no foul play between the teams! You’d better bring your energy, as the time will fly by as you compete in this very popular hen party activity.

Can everyone play?

Of course! However old or young and whatever your fitness ability, everyone’s invited to this sports day hen party! In fact, activities and games can be tailored so that each guest can get involved.

How do we book this sports day hen party?

To book this hen party experience, just drop us a message with the number of hens, your location of choice and your preferred dates. If you’re currently arranging a UK hen party to remember, you might be pleased to know that we have a whole host of activities and luxury hen party houses – and we’re more than happy to create a bespoke package to suit your celebrations. Why not message today? Or visit our Instagram for more inspiration.

Sports Day Madness

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