Hen Party Hot Tub Hire

What to expect

So you’ve booked your accommodation, your outfits are planned and you’ve got a few fun activities for when you get there. There’s only one thing missing though: a hot tub. Don’t worry as we’ve got that sorted for you. Yep, that’s right, you can hire out your very own jacuzzi and bring even more bubbles to the party. The perfect place for your morning coffee or to rewind after a hectic day, you can sit back as massaging hydrotherapy jets and warm waves surround you. Even better, why not add a party tent and lighting package to really enhance the mood? Hot tub party anyone?

How do we book a hen party hot tub? 

We’re currently able to offer private hot tub hire all over the UK and we also have lots of accommodation that comes with a jacuzzi itself! For more information, just drop us a message or head to our Instagram for bundles of hen party inspiration.

Private hot tub hire

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