Hen Party Paddle Boarding

What to expect

Just imagine it now. After a safety demonstration, you’re shown to your own paddle board before floating around a beautiful lake and taking in the incredible scenery. Learn new skills, play a few games and get ready to snap some amazing picture opportunities. Each session begins with some fun introductions and warm ups on the bank. You’ll then begin paddling in a simple kneeling position, before standing up once you’ve got the hang of it. Hopefully.

It’s a fun, interactive and memorable activity – that’s ideal for all ages. Just don’t expect to stay dry for too long.

Can everyone do it?

Of course, wet suits and safety jackets are provided so even if you’re not a strong swimmer, you can enjoy paddle boarding – and feel completely safe. Don’t worry if some of your team want to skip it though as we’re more than happy to arrange another activity or help you to find a warm cafe nearby.

How do we book this hen party paddle boarding activity? 

To book this hen party experience, just drop us a message with the number of hens, your location of choice and your preferred dates.

Paddle Boarding

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