Dance, Divine Feminine Oracle & Prosecco

In this experience, we will guide you on a journey of self-discovery through dance to unlock the powerful divine feminine magic that is inside of you…

Reclaim your inner mystic goddess through archetypal feminine dance embodiment, bubbles and divine feminine goddess readings in an ambient and intimate setting. The result? You’ll become unchained from your mind as you experiment with creative dance, expression and connection.

Donna will guide you into intention setting, awakening full aliveness, as you move through the energetic force of nature’s elements – Wind, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood – to evoke your full power as a goddess.

Find blissful freedom, radiance and true beauty as you journey through an aromatic misty room that will contribute to enhancing the senses – to create your dreams and manifest your desires. This is your space to connect back as a sisterhood, to embody uniquely, sexy and untamed confidence as a feminine goddess in the world.

Expect a spellbound ritual of feminine sacred space and interwoven shares as Donna Marie helps you to let go and live life, turned on and full of fire. Bride goes free.

Dance & Self-Discovery Session

Price from £35pp


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