Honestly, we can’t see the appeal: naked men at your hen party, handing out cocktails, hosting quizzes or serving dinner. But that’s Butlers in the Buff, Bristol style.

What you get

You can have as many bare-bottomed butlers at your hen party as you want for two hours or more. You might like a couple of them to welcome your ladies as they arrive, or maybe a silver-service sit-down dinner served by men in pinnies and dickie bows tickles your fancy. Butlers in the Buff are friendly, fun and pretty phwoah to look at – maybe there is some appeal.

What to expect

What happens when I arrange a Butler in the Buff for my hen party?

You’ll need to book your Butlers in the Buff at least six weeks in advance — they’re very popular, you see.

The butler/butlers/butlerettes arrive promptly and smartly dressed, with their bits and bobs in a bag. They’ll need a place to change and leave a bag. They are seasoned pros, so they will follow your lead or will be more than happy to guide you in how best to use them.

Then leave them to it. They will stay until for the arranged time, and let you know when their time is up. You are more than welcome to tip your Butlers in the Buff, but it’s not expected.


What does the Butler in the Buff wear?

When you have a butler in the buff at your hen do, most people think ‘naked’, right? But arrange to have a Bristol’s Butler in the Buff for your hen do and you can choose the uniform. They’ll be in their branded aprons, starched collar, cuffs and bowtie, anyway, then you can decide: a bottom-revealing apron, tight black boxers under the apron or black dress trousers under his apron.

There is also the option to have a butlerette instead of a male butler … obviously the uniform differs slightly, with corsets and garters very much a thing.


How many butlers do I get?

You can order as many Butlers in the Buff as you’d like for your Bristol hen party. One butler is usually enough for a group of 10 to 15 hens. If you have more than 15, two butlers or more would be a better option – that way all the hens can get the most of the experience.


How long will my butler stay at my hen party?

Two hours is the minimum time to have a Butler in the Buff at your Bristol hen party. Of course you can book them for as long as you’d like, though. If you’d like your butlers to stay for the whole hen party, serving drinks, running quizzes and arranging games, they absolutely can.


What will my Butler in the Buff do at the hen party?

Hen party games, cocktail shaking, pose for life-drawing, hen greeting, canape serving, bride pampering — even cleaning up.


What are Butlers in the Buff not allowed to do?

While the butlers are entirely pleasant to look at – that is all you get. We all know hens can get carried away sometimes, but do stay respectful. Of course they can be in photos, and most of them love a feather boa draped around their shoulders, but keep it clean, ladies – the boa and the contact.

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Butlers in the Buff

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