Butlers in the buff

What to expect

Honestly, we can’t see the appeal: naked men at your hen party, handing out cocktails, hosting quizzes or serving dinner. Okay, we’re lying. After all, was it even a hen party if there wasn’t a hunky man involved at some point in the evening?

For two hours, you can have as many bare-bottomed butlers at your hen party as you want. You might like a couple of them to welcome your ladies as they arrive, or maybe a silver-service sit-down dinner served by men in dickie bows. Whatever you fancy, one thing’s for sure – these semi-naked butlers will be easy on the eye. 

On the day of the event, your butler will arrive promptly and smartly dressed. As well as choosing how many turn up, you also have a say on what they wear. While they’ll be in their branded aprons, starched collar, cuffs and bow tie, you can decide between a bottom-revealing apron, tight black boxers under the apron or black dress trousers under the apron. Of course, they’ll need a room to get changed in but, after that, just enjoy the show… 

Our butlers in the buff are experts when it comes to pouring drinks and getting the party started.  However, they can also host other hen party activities like life drawing classes. Whatever you want your butler to do, we remind all parties to keep it clean and respectful though. This goes for hen party games too. 

Is it always a man?

No, we can also arrange a butlerette instead of a male butler … obviously the uniform differs slightly, with corsets and garters very much a thing. 

How do we book butlers in the buff?

It probably won’t surprise you that this hen party activity gets booked up very fast. For this reason, we advise booking your hand-picked butlers at least 6 weeks before the celebration. We recommend one butler or butlerette for around 10-15 people, and you’re also more than welcome to extend the two hour time period. Prices start from just £20pp and can be arranged all over the UK. If you’re interested, just drop us a message with your requirements to start the booking process.

Butlers in the Buff

Price from 20pp


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